Monday, January 04, 2010

Come to think of it..

... my blog needs a revamp soon. Any blog skin sites that are recommendable?


Friday, January 01, 2010


My first post of the new year after 41 posts. Hopefully I can surpass that number by the time 2011 hits the shores. So, what I've been doing lately for the past couple of weeks?

Wait for it....

Yes, staying at my new home.

Brilliant eh? Can't be helped 'cause there's still some things that have to be dealt with back home. For example, completing the construction, waiting for the cabinets yadayadayada.. those typical stuff. Also, in a way, I'm pretty much grounded w/o my IC and driving license, all thanks to a night of crazy drinking. Made myself clear that I would NOT drink till drunk to avoid all the drama from all sides.

But hey, I had a blast during New Year's Eve, watching Zombieland with my family and laughing my head off (pun intended). Once that was done, I sneaked back into my room, started the PC game, Gears of War and began to shoot here, there and everywhere.. Kinda pondering whether I should add L4D2 into my list together with Assassin's Creed 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction... Hmm. As for today itself, I finally got to watch Avatar after so long and I fell completely in love with its concept. Kudos to good ol' James Cameron.

With classes starting in 10 days time, I best enjoy whatever free time I have now before it's too late. Once again, hello 2010!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another year.

Dear 2009,

I am afraid that this will be the last time I'm posting anything about you. I have to welcome the Year of the Tiger you see, it seems impatient to pounce on everything. Can't let the tiger wait or I'll be the bait.

I learned and experienced alot from you. I definitely disagree with the feng shui books saying that you'll slow us down because the opposite happened. The tidal waves of assignments and books, coupled with other things... boy, that was a heck of a surf.

I'm split into two. A part of me doesn't want to let go, yet another's anxious to see the big 20 in my age status. Funny how the mind works.

Every year has its own specialties but I can say that you're better than 2008. So once again, thank you and sayonara.

Yours sincerely,

Monday, December 28, 2009

Three sentences.

The key to getting what you want now, oddly enough, is in letting go of certain expectations.

That's... odd but true. Maybe I just have to get rid of boundaries.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

One more day.

After seven years as a Kepong girl, I'm finally ditching that status to become a Sg. Buloh inhabitant.

Seven years. A very long time and boy, it was one memorable stay. From the insecurities of a teenager right up to the first steps into tertiary education, this place had seen it all. Heck, I've shifted thrice around this area, all with their unique environments. The first house was a walk away from school. Famous for its Titanic winds (yes, it's that windy) and of course, termites. I remembered staring at a termite queen with mixed disgust and curiosity. When it rained, the halls were filled with these creeps, flying here and there. Some even had an untimely ending of being fried by the altar candlelights (I'm one of the culprits, teehee).

My second house was opposite a primary Chinese school. Jams, pollution, loads of gossiping aunties and mamak sessions tagged along altogether. That school had 5000 students there. So imagine all those cars parked and parents hanging around... in front of my house. Just step out of the house and VOILA, many pairs of eyes staring at you, finding for the slightest crack of an opening to come up a topic about.. well, you. Despite all the hassle, those times there were my best moments. Friends just keep waking me up from my sleep by calling my name LOUDLY behind my window. We travelled almost the whole "taman" doing nothing else but talking. Since my tuition was nearby, everyone inclusive of my tuition teacher walked over to pasar malam on Thursdays. Oh how I miss those days.

The third and final one was just near the forest reserve. It has the same windy atmosphere as the first one, yet it's the smallest of the three. That was the place when I first stepped into tertiary education. I feel kinda bad for my books since I don't clean up my place often and this place collects dust as if Santa's here to give presents, so they turned yellow and spotty. Some of them can even become antique collections already. Still, it does add a unique touch to them which makes me wanna read them again (even Enid Blyton's books, yes). This place has a friendly neighborhood dog called.. Doggy and two cats, one called Sayang and another called Manja. Doggy is friendly to the residents here except strangers and he's hopelessly adorable when he gives his puppy look with his golden eyes. As for Sayang, she's more manja than Manja, who is snobbish and antisocial. The last time I saw Sayang, she was heavily pregnant. I hope she's doing fine now.

My neighbors here are fantastic. They're friendly and nice, a rarity nowadays in this urban world. There's one lady who is so kind that she was willing to cook for not only me and my bro, but the whole family yesterday. My parents really felt indebted to her since they're too busy to handle our meals regularly. Then there's another who has a SUPERBLY ADORABLE granddaughter. My god, she's a doll with a chubby body, so pinchable. I have to take a picture of her tomorrow (if she doesn't cry when she sees me of course).

As I type this post on my bed, sometimes I look away from my laptop to stare at the bare walls that now surrounds me. This nostalgic feeling is.. unique, I can't really put this into words. Despite my persistent longing to watch Avatar and to touch my new desktop, I feel at ease to just lie down at my bed and hear the sounds of birds chirping, the passing traffic and the occasional horns. After all, this is my last day as a Kepong girl.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

The air of freedom...

... is filled with tiny specks of dust and microbial alien organisms that I refuse to think about their origins.

Life just likes throwing two unrelated things together at a single time e.g finals and shifting out. I was actually studying beside an increasing pile of boxes till the extent of having to shift my study corner to the living room. Then they planned to dismantle the fans and air cond ahead of schedule which leaves me without proper room air circulation until the 20th. At first, I was a lil' bit grumpy about it but then I found it authentic... It's fun grabbing a cushion from a sofa and sitting on it with the mobile fan blasting at my face and me, studying furiously for my upcoming papers.

Without the white noise from our ceiling fans, it's pretty easy to notice my surroundings, from the pitter patter of the rain to the sirens emanating from ambulances passing by. Even when I was in my room, trying to get some shut eye, I still can't help to blend into the environment. My dad even said that our current situation was so like his days in kampung.. all that's left is him wearing a singlet and sarong to complete the experience, that is.

Then here comes the packing. My sinuses suffered because of that, and it's just two hours of dumping stuff into boxes. For once, I find my books to be pretty worn, thanks to time and not cleaning and all. Heck, even my Harry Potter book looks like something from the ancient times. Still, despite their spotty appearances, they're really good books and I don't mind spending my time reading them during the holidays. As I dig and toil around the organized chaos, I encountered an apology letter meant for my ex, back in those puppy love days. When I read the content, I laughed my head off. How naive I was during those days.

Thankfully, I had arranged my storybooks neatly in one corner a few weeks back, so not much of a worry of forgetting something. However there are a few books I would like to give out, especially the Enid Blyton series. No matter how much of nostalgic value they hold, the reality is that they're taking up alot of space for new ones to come. As for my reference books.... abit harder. Most of them are stuck there growing fungus for many months. MOST of them anyway. The remaining few are underneath my dad's organized chaos in terms of uniforms.

I have loads more to pack sadly, which means more rashes for me. Well, I hope things can be settled soon enough eventhough it's just a tip of the iceberg.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I am disgusted with some things in life. For instance, how blatantly some people can lie, thinking that we, the ones who hear the lies, won't suspect any hidden agenda or any tricks in your sleeve. Please treat us with respect and you will get what you rightfully deserve.